There is a New Bride on the Block…..and she’s socially conscious!

Every year Martha Stewart, Today’s Bride, The Knot and other big names in the Wedding World come out with endless Top 10 Trends lists about The Dress, the reception, sizes of weddings, engagement rings etc.  These lists are ever-changing and often exhausting to try and keep up with.  However, there has been a trend that has seemed to stick around for quite a few seasons: The Socially conscious Bride and Groom.

The socially and environmentally friendly trend has appeared in nearly every aspect of the bride and grooms wedding: invitations made on recycled paper, e-invites to avoid using paper, gently used wedding gowns, wedding gowns made out of eco friendly materials, the wedding party taking public transportation instead of cars, donate leftover reception food to the homeless….the list could go on and on…

I have also seen many couples forgo actual wedding gifts and gift registries and instead ask their guests to make a donation to Canadian Cancer Society, to Alzheimer’s Society, to bring toys and books to donate to underprivileged children, raise money for the couple’s old high school or local children’s sports team.  And even if they are not completely omitting the gift registry they are certainly incorporating an altruistic perspective to their wedding.

While I certainly applaud the socially conscious bride; I at first wondered why any self-respecting girl would go to such lengths on her special day to allow any attention to be diverted from her??  I mean, look at the Bridezillas!  While their actions live up to their monstrous namesakes, they all seem to waltz away smelling like roses, lookin’ beautiful and loaded down with wedding gifts and loot.  Personally, after a few episodes of Bridezillas, I soon realized this was not the type of wedding I would want.  I think it is actually the socially conscious bride and groom that end up having the day that is most memorable and “about them” and here’s why:

  • Puts the focus on things that are really important to the bride and groom: Instead of the focus being on material items, it is on the beliefs, causes, philosophies, and community that the bride and groom really care about.  What could be more special than supporting and celebrating what truly represents that couple and what they hope to help and create?   The cause that the couple decide to support may also be in memory of a loved one that sadly cannot attend the wedding, but through that cause, their spirit is represented and honoured at the wedding
  • The Socially Conscious Couple creates the perfect “marriage” between the wedding and the Marriage (pun, of course, intended) In the past, we have seen a huge trend of brides-to-be being focused on their wedding day, with the entire marriage being an afterthought.  The socially conscious couple appears to view the wedding day as the first day of the rest of their lives life as a married couple. They publically declare to their friends and families how they are choosing to live their lives as husband and wife by showing people what they care about and that they want the community they are getting married in to be a healthy, happy and prosperous one for their own lives and for the families they will be starting together.

So I encourage brides and grooms to incorporate the causes and charities that they are passionate about or would like to become passionate about in their wedding planning.  It is a simple way to make their wedding a rewarding, positive experience that truly represents who they are as a couple.  It also allows their wedding to leave a memorable impact on their community and world…not just pretty pic in their photo album!

Hamilton Food Share

Hamilton Food Share

To get local couples wedding planning started on a truly altruistic track, the Hamilton-Halton Spring Wedding Show 2010 is running the first ever wedding show food drive (Brides for Banks) in support of Hamilton Food Share. We hope to raise over 6,000 canned goods for the families and children in the Hamilton area.

So I ask everyone attending this years show, to raid their pantries or head over to their local grocer and bring as many nonperishable food donations as they can to the wedding show at the Hamilton Convention Centre on January 9 and 10, 2010.  11am-5pm each day.  Even if they can’t stay for the show, I still welcome any donations at the door!

Visit or for more details


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  1. I agree, I think focusing on the couple’s beliefs and causes they support is a great way to celebrate who they are as people. My husband and I set up a few different charitable donations funds on for our wedding last year instead of a typical gift registry. It was really nice to be able to support a number of foundations we believe in instead of getting a bunch of kitchen stuff we don’t really need.

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