Cookies Make the World Go Round

Despite my best intentions of learning how to cook; I am sad to report that my attempts at making the main course are still mediocre at best. But I vow to keeping fighting the good fight to become a faster, better and more creative cook.

In the meantime, I have found something I seem to excel at: Baking.  My specialty: Cookies! While many people seem to think that baking is more of a science while cooking is more of an art, I think I have become a successful cookie creator because I feel like I can be creative and spoil people I love at the same time.  While cooking “real food” on a day to day basis can sometimes be monotonous or simply necessity; making cookies for another person is like finding out a little secret about their personality.  Even though I have never met a cookie I didn’t like, I have found that people are extremely particular about their cookies.  I’m telling ya folks, people have put a surprising amount of thought into what their preferred cookie choices are!

My Boyfriends favs!  Sorry, can't share this recipe....its a secret

My Boyfriends favs! Sorry, can't share this recipe....its a secret

Do they like their cookies well done, crispy on the outside/soft in the middle or incredibly melt in your mouth gooey?  Dry or moist?  Thin or thick?  Do they dip?  If so, are they dunking in milk or a hot drink?  Do they like a lot of action in their cookies (M&M’s, chocolate chips, SKOR pieces, different nuts, raisins etc) or to they prefer a more traditional, plain European cookie?   Do they like icing on their cookies and if so, do they like it on top or sandwich style?

The list of possibilities and cookie combos is endless. Believe me, I know! I was planning on making a batch of cookies to welcome my friend home from Kenya, where she was researching for her PhD.  Once I made my cookie making plans public, I received orders from my brothers, parents, friends, my boyfriend and his friends and co-workers.  8 dozen and 4 different kinds of cookies later, I was exhausted but everyone else seemed blissfully happy on their sugar highs.

I have included links to the 4 different cookie recipes below for your baking pleasure.  I have also included some of my own tips on what I did and what “Cookie Profile” will enjoy each kind.  My ultimate Cookie Creating Tip: the next time you are talking to someone ask them “What’s your favourite kind of cookie?”  You will be amazed at the conversation that will ensue and what you will find out about that person (personal tastes, guilty pleasures, childhood memories etc).  Once you have this precious bit of information, use it for good and surprise that person with a batch of their favs.  It will do both of your minds and souls good.  Unfortunately your waistline may suffer….but thats a worry for another story!

The Special Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies...well done as requested

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…well done as requested

Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies

-Most Guys have not liked these cookies….but mothers, aunts, girlfriends etc LOVE them!

-Even though they are super sweet, I have actually cut each cookie into quarters and served them as appetizers.  People devoured them!

Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies

-Added white chocolate chips to them for a lighter flavour and for some colour

-I also drizzled some melted some white chocolate chips on top

-Watch closely while baking!  All batches seemed to go really fast from raw to very well done!

-Also, they cooked better when a flattened them a bit, even though the recipes doesn’t call for this

-For the chocolate lover in your circle!

For the Chocolate Lovers and Sweets Tooths!

For the Chocolate Lovers and Sweets Tooths!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

– For those that like thicker, a bit more dry and crispy cookies….these ones are for you! Perfect with a tall glass of milk, I am told

– Bake a bit longer than called for.  The batch I did that with, seemed to be more popular

Special Oatmeal Chip Cookies

-Instead of the candy coating, I used melted milk chocolate and white chocolate chips with a bit of shortening… makes the cookies a bit gooier

– For the ultimate “Sweet tooth” and for the person who likes a lot of action in their cookie



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