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My friend Jennifer Odell and I had a chance to sit down and chat with Marie Pavone, owner & creator of Menus Only.  Menus Only is a free online restaurant menu and dining guide featuring menus, coupons and daily

Marie Pavone, Creator of

Marie Pavone, Creator of

specials from Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Dundas, Ontario and surrounding area restaurants.  After asking Marie from Menus Only some question and exploring the site a little more, I discovered the number one reason I like it: it reinforces the fact that our region has so many amazing restaurants!  Not only that, but the Hamilton-Halton region is the home to restaurants that serve almost every type of cultural cuisine and dining experience you can imagine.  So if you live in the area and you are looking for a new dining experience, I encourage you to visit and peruse the copious amount of restaurant choices that are in your own backyard!  If you are new to or visiting the area, let Menus Only give you a virtual tour of what our fine restaurants have to offer.  I bet you won’t be disappointed!

F&WG: What inspired you to create Menus Only?

MO: A couple of years ago I was working in an office in Oakville.  My husband (than boyfriend) was going to meet me to go out for dinner.  Since we weren’t very familiar with the restaurants in that area, I was browsing website after website trying to find out what our options were.  Nothing was in one place…you had restaurant listings on one site, prices on another and there were very few Menus posted.  The search took forever with everything being in different places.  I thought since I was frustrated, others would be too!  My now husband and I chatted about it over dinner that very night and Menus Only was born.

F&WG: That’s pretty cool! It really is a great and useful tool; especially since everyone is so busy these days. You’ve touched on it above, but what makes Menus Only a great resource and different than all of the other listings out there?

MO: Basically, Menus Only is a “One Stop Shoppe” for dining decisions.  We are not just restaurant listings, but we also include menus, daily specials, pricing, pictures of what you would be eating and where you would be eating it. Of course, all of these dining choices are local and easily accessible for you and many offer different price points to ensure the evening is delicious but affordable.  If someone is interested in receiving more information about different menus, the restaurants and specials, you can sign up for the Menus Only newsletter, which is emailed out once a month.  All of these features together save people both time and money because it help them know in advance how much things will cost, so there is no surprise when the bill comes at the restaurant. Menus Only also helps people become smarter consumers, instead of risking time or money trying out a new restaurant, only to be disappointed with that experience (we have all been there).   Make sure you get what you want for dinner.

F&WG: What is the newest, hottest menu item on your website?

MO: I would have to say that one of the hottest new Menus and restaurants is 3 S’s in Oakville.  They are featuring a very creative menu featuring Canadian Culinary sensation (Angus beef and eastern seafood).  The atmosphere is also really cool.  Every half an hour or so, one of the waiters/waitresses will get up and sing for the crowd.  Don’t worry they are professionally trained singers. lol It is such a cool and interactive dining experience.

F&WG: Who would you recommend should use Menus Only?

MO: Everybody can use it! Especially anyone and everyone that wants to go out to eat but doesn’t know where to go.  People who I have found benefitted a lot from Menus Only are people who are new to the area, people with little kids (is the menu “kid friendly”), and people with special food needs (food allergies, looking for gluten-free meals and vegetarians/vegans)

F&WG: You offer special coupons and deals on your website. What are the ones that are currently the most popular and why?

MO: The two coupons that seem to be getting the most attention are Philip Shaver House and The Old Magill House.  Not only are they fabulous restaurants, but the coupons they are offering are, like $20.00 each!  It’s an amazing value.

Q: What are some of the “Hidden Gem” Restaurants you have listed? You know, the restaurants that completely blew you away?

MO: There are so many, so it’s hard to choose.  The three off of the top of my head:

1)     Boo’s Bistro: there are so many unique options and creative ingredient combinations to choose from.

2)     La Spagett Pasta House: It truly is a hidden gem.  It’s just a little place and it is stuck in the middle of a plaza on the mountain but their food is to die for if you like authentic Italian cuicine.  Portions are very generous too!

3)     Ventura’s Signature Restaurant: Not only is the decor beautiful and elegant with all of the old fashioned polished wood, but the food is fresh, homemade and authentic Portuguese.

Q: What is your favourite meal?  (We were nice and didn’t ask her what her favourite menu was;))

MO: Since I grew up with it, I am a sucker for Italian Food!  But otherwise, I love Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Cuisine.  Falafel and hummus……yummmm

Menus Only will be launching their re developed website in about a month. Be sure to check back!  Same great product…only enhanced and with a face lift! There is a sneak peak of the new site below…. "New Look" Coming Soon "New Look" Coming Soon


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