Recovered from Food & Drink Fest…Finally

Hello my Foodie Friends!

The long gap between posts can be attributed to the crazy planning, executing and cleaning up after Food & Drink Fest…the Festival with Taste. For those of you that don’t know, Food & Drink Fest is probably the biggest and best dinner party in the Southern Ontario Region, which consists of  you, 10,000 of your closest friends, 35 restaurants, 40 wineries, 20 craft breweries, artisan bakeries, live music, cooking demos all at Copps Coliseum on April 9th-11.  All I can say is thankfully, I wasn’t on dish washing duty;)

Crowd Shot from Food & Drink Fest...the Festival with Taste!

Crowd Shot from Food & Drink Fest...the Festival with Taste! (Saturday Night)

Even though I escaped dish duty, my teammates Jay, Jenn and I worked around the clock for about a month before the show to ensure that we were familiar with the logistics of Copps Coliseum (try throwing a food party that big without any kitchens!) and to ensure that the show was the best showcasing of Southern Ontario’s culinary popular delights, hidden gems, and up and coming foodie hot spots, that it could possibly be.

The result? Lets put it this way; Food & Drink Fest grew from being 20,000 square feet in size to Copps Coliseum, where it was 60,000 square feet in size….and we still had 30 minute line ups to get in the door on Friday and Saturday nights.  Yeek! Needless to say we are working on our plan for next year and how we are going to facilitate all of the people comfortably and still maintain the intimate, fun, party atmosphere for festival is known for.  I will keep you posted about 2011 dates and times.

Now for the tragic news: since I was running around so much at Food & Drink Fest, I only got to sample 2, yes only 2 out of the hundreds of food and drink samples available!!  The silver lining was that those two samples were to DIE for. My first sample was homemade butter tarts from Dyments Farm and Bakery.  The tart crusts are flaky and moist and the middle is incredible goosey and sweet.  They are the freshest homemade butter tarts I have ever eaten and since the festival have often gone for a 10km run in the country and rewarded myself with a yummy devilish Dyment butter tart (Very counter productive, but worth every bite). I believe the ones I had were plain, but I am pretty sure you can also get them with raisins or nuts.

The famous (and yummy) Dyment's Baked Goods

My second sample was Sweet Potato Gnocchi from Twisted Lemon Restaurant. Their Chef certainly lived up to their claim of being a “flavour junkie” as the fresh homemade gnoochi in a cream sauce had a flavour that simply exploded on your tongue.  Unlike regular gnocchi, I found the sweet potato base pleasingly lighter and the texture less dense; but nonetheless, still very filling.

Despite only getting to try 2 samples, I heard (and smelled) amazing things from several of the other food samples at Food & Drink  Fest, such as the crab cakes from Nina’s Bistro, Honey West’s beef tenderloins or Mex-i-Can‘s Barbacoa.  Since I didn’t get to try these or any of the other amazing menu items at Food & Drink Fest, I would love to hear other people’s favs.  Fill me in! Now that I have more time, I can visit the actual restaurant for a fabulous and relaxing meal!

Beef Tenderloin from Honey West

Beef Tenderloin from Honey West...they kept running out!


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