Hamilton’s Best Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza, I mean seriously? As a pizza lover, I’ve discovered there are different types of pizza cravings…and I’m not talking about craving different toppings people. I’m talking about the need for a delicious gooey take out pizza you pair with a beer while watching bad TV, or the hankering for a “hungry man” deep-dish pie. Maybe you get the creative itch to experiment with a DIY homemade pizza crust and unique toppings, or to indulge your taste buds in an authentic gourmet Italian thin crust pizza…And if you are craving any one one of these type of pizza, another type isn’t going to cut it, ya know?  Thankfully, there are a  ton of amazing pizzerias in Hamilton that cater to all my pizza needs.  Here are a few of my favs from each category.  Do you agree with my choices?

The Ultimate Take-Out/Comfort Food Pizza: Bronzies Place on James St S.

  • Bronzies is just a little hole in the wall that was been there forever! Staff is no nonsense and efficient, the portions are huge, homemade, traditional  and the ultimate comfort food that just warms your soul. The sauce has a great oregano kick to it that makes it quite unique.
  • Tip: If you are ordering take out, ask for the pizza to be “Crispy Bottom”. Sometimes I find the takeout isn’t was well cooked as when you eat in. Crispy Bottom takes care of that issue.  If you like olives on your pizza, the ones they use are good, but overly salty.

The Hungry Man Pizza: Chicago Style Pizza, Upper Sherman.  If you are hungry and only if you are hungry, order the Stuffed Pizza (I mean, come on! It’s what they are known for;)) I personally like The Shack Special, but they have an endless amount of toppings to choose from

Tips: Be prepared to wait both for takeout or dining in, as they are a bit on the slow side (The Pizza Pie takes about 1/2 hour to cook, but is worth the wait) and there usually is a lineup.  Avoid Friday and Saturday nights.  If you are dining in, there is no privacy as the place is very tiny! Don’t allow your eyes to be bigger than your stomach! Even when we order a medium, we still leave with a doggy bag.

DIY Pizza Crust: There are a ton of pizza crust recipes out there but one of my favourites is  from “The Best of Bridge” Series Cookbooks. Its quick, easy and the dough is really easy to work with.  I’ve used this recipe to make thin crust, regular and even substituted in whole wheat flour and each time the pizza has come out divine!

Tips: I forgo the pizza pan and instead sprinkle a generous amount of cornmeal on my pizza stone and cook from there.  I also add a little cheddar to the mozzarella for a sharp taste

Gourmet Italiano: La Cantina Ristorante Italiano, Hamilton.  All of their pizza dough is homemade with distilled water, sea salt and is made in their wood-oven pizzette. I have tried about 95% of the pizzas on their menu and I really don’t have anything to say but yummmmmmm.  While all pizzas are mouth wateringly fantastic,  I do have a couple preferences:

  • Pomodoro Pizza: The San Marco or the Diavola (my boyfriend loves the Candese Pizza but subs the mushrooms for hot peppers)
  • Bianco Neve Piazza: The Adriatico (sub the cucumbers for hot peppers)
  • Tips: Order a Long Island Iced Tea (Refreshing and tart…not overly sweet) and start it off with a great De Giardino or a Caprese Salad!

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