Beer & World Cup: The Perfect Pairing

With World Cup just around the corner, it is expected for beer consumption to double, quadruple…basically just go through the roof.  According to The Beer Genie, an extra 21 million pints of beer will be consumed during Englands three group games alone.  Whoa! I’m not even a beer drinker and I’m stocking up!

People I’ve been talking to are selecting their beer of choice in many different ways. Some are choosing based on the teams that are playing.  For instance, sip on a Carling or Fuller’s London Porter when England takes the field, a Bud or a Brooklyn Lager for the good ole US of A.  Crack open a Foster’s for Australia, or cheer for Mexico by chugging back a Dos Equis.

Others don’t have as much of a choose in what beer brand they go with, as their decision is based on what their pub of choice happens to have on tap.

For a third option, why not try some of the local craft brewers to celebrate World Cup! If you happen to be having people over to watch the game or if you stumble upon a pub that carries a great selection of craft beers, give some of the following local beers a try!

Taps Vanilla Wheat – A creamy, full bodied unfiltered wheat with a natural golden haze and hints of Madagascar black bourbon vanilla with underlying notes of banana, clove and citrus

Taps Chuck Noris RoundHouse IPA Prepare to be round-housed in the tastebuds. This is a North American style India Pale Ale. It has an intense North West Pacific-hop character from a ridiculous amount of hops added to the brew-kettle, and then dry-hopped later on during conditioning. Citrusy, floral, and fruity flavours take front stage, while the caramel accented malts give it some balance. Chuck Noris IPA is the reason that Waldo is hiding.

Cameron’s Cream Ale: A North American style cream ale that combines the full flavours of an ale with the drinkability of a lager. Our Cream Ale has a light, malty body with a distinct fruity backbone, and a clean finish that makes this beer truly refreshing. Bronze Medal Winner at The Canadian Brewing Awards 2005

Nickel Brook Beers Maple Porter: dark, ruby porter, brewed with a blend of five malts, toasted barley and infused with pure, dark maple syrup. No additives, no preservatives. Naturally carbonated for a smooth creamy finish. Nickel Brook Maple Porter is a uniquely Canadian interpretation of an ancient classic. 5.5%A.B.V

Iron Spike – Copper: A decidedly rusty copper, pours a thick and frothy cream coloured head.  In the nose, caramel malts meet toasty spices. Notes of chestnut here with a nice fruity component leaning towards plum.

Iron Spike-Dead Elephant Ale: Food Pairings include Burgers, Chilli, Chorizo, Crispy/Spicy Duck, Spicy Indian dishes

  • If you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area, check out Augusta’s Winking Judge, as it stocks about 22 different types of craft beers at any given time.
  • Also check out Ontario Craft Brewers, which is offering a Discovery Pack, showcasing a new selection of great OCB brands, and is also unique in offering them as a four-pack of cans. It’s ideal for a bringing to a friends house to watch a game. Brands that are currently being featured in the Discovery Pack: Wellington Trailhead Lager, Muskoka Hefe-Weissbier, Trafalgar Elora Grand Lager, and Great Lakes Devil’s Pale Ale.




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  1. Don’t laugh but let me know if you find a non-alcohol beer that is locally made (southern Ontario). I’m pregnant and there’s no way I’ll be enjoying a regular beer in the next several months. O’Douls from the grocery store is fine I suppose however it is neither local nor exciting.

    • Thanks for the comment! Firstly, congrats on the pregnancy! That is wonderful. I checked with OCB and they currently do not have an non-alcoholic craft beers, which is very unfortunate! Hopefully one of the craft brewers will come out with one soon. A friend of my recently had a baby and her none alcoholic drinks of choice were Becks or Molson’s Excel. Both have 0.5% alcohol and can be purchased at any major grocery store. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Enjoy the coming months! They are so special.

  2. Wow I really like this list of craft beers. I will have to see if I can track any of these down in the US. Especially the Taps Chuck Norris RoundHouse IPA. The name itself is just too hysterical not to try.

    As for my beer choice during the USA’s opening match against England…I plan on going with Red Stripe. I know it is Jamacian, but I just am not the biggest Budweiser fan and I want to go with a solid, well balanced lager.

    Thanks again for this post…I stumbled upon it because of the beauty of tags. Enjoy watching the World Cup.

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