Food & Drink Fest Foodie Spotlight: Hot Mamas

Interview conducted with Sue Plumbohm, Owner of Hot Mamas

Company Name: Hot Mamas Foods Inc

Company Motto: “We’ll Add a little spice to your life!”

Visit Sue, owner of Hot Mamas in booth #205 at Food & Drink Fest

Visit Sue, owner of Hot Mamas in booth #205 at Food & Drink Fest

Tell us a bit about where and how your jellies and sauces are created. Hot Mamas Foods Inc is a 100% Canadian Family owned business started in 2005. Our red pepper jelly was our initial product—a secret family recipe that my Mama brought from Jamaica. We use scotch bonnet peppers grown on our family farm in Pefferlaw, Ont from our heirloom plants from Jamaica as well as we import directly from Jamaica on a weekly basis. Our red pepper jelly is unique in flavour and our customers say its the best one on the market. As the years  went on we added more jellies, hot sauces and BBQ sauces. We now have 11 spicy pepper jellies, 5 No Salt Hot Sauces and 5 Low Sodium BBQ Sauces and 3 No Salt Spice Rubs.
Our hot sauces are unique on the Canadian market place as they are 100% Salt FREE—and all of our products contain No MSG or Gluten! Our customers are loving that too!

We are an envirnmentally aware company—as our new kitchen facility is supplemented by solar panels. A large portion of our electricity is derived form the solar panels on site.

What is a “Did You Know?” fact about Hot Mamas you would like to share? Our hot sauces are unique in that they contain No Salt! They are growing in popularity and we hope that more people will appreciate the flavour of the scotch bonnet and the healthy aspects of hot pepper sauces created with NO SALT!

Get Your Hot Mama Jelly at Food & Drink Fest 2011

Get Your Hot Mama Jelly at Food & Drink Fest 2011

For people new to the world of “Spicy”, what are your top tips to incorporating hot n’ spicy to one’s palette?

1) If new to “Spicy” we suggest starting with the basics—sweet and spicy pepper jellies and working your way up to the really hot stuff

2) Pair the spice with other food items: incorporate as an hors d’ouevres or with meats, cheese..they are an excellent way to train your palette.

3) Don’t take too much at once …small amounts are best and work your way up. Its all about moderation…so adding a few drops of two of the hot sauces to your soups, stews, chillis—to  appreciate the taste of the scotch bonnet pepper…They can also be added to your favorite cocktail….adding a splash of Hot Mamas to your Casear—-you’ll be hooked!

Over the years, what has been your favourite dish or drink at Food & Drink Fest? Definitely Koi Restaurant’s coconut shrimp with our red pepper jelly —yummmy!

Hot Mama Foods display

Hot Mama Foods display

Be sure to visit Sue and her full line of Hot Mama’s jellies and sauces at

6th Annual Food & Drink Fest…the Festival with Taste!

Hot Mamas Booth # 205

April 8th, 9th, 10th, 2011

Copps Coliseum


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