Food & Drink Fest “Up-Close” with Cupcake Diner

I had a chance to talk to Natalie from The Cupcake Diner.  Aside from making me crave sweet treats, I learned a lot about a revolutionary business right in our own backyard and a little cupcake history…..

Q: Name of Your Company: Cupcake Diner

Natalie, owner and master baker of Cupcake Diner

Natalie, owner and master baker of Cupcake Diner

Q: Describe Your Company using three adjectives: Unique, Trendy, Gourmet…& I have to add Fun!!!

We are the first to bring a mobile cupcake shop to Canada – this is huge for the country! The gourmet food truck craze is ever so present in hip parts of the States such as New York City, Washington, LA and Chicago, so we are right on-trend with this phenomenon. Something Canada has yet to experience until now! We use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to inform our customers of our daily and hourly location.  Our pick cupcake truck comes right to you, serving cupcakes curbside – what would be more fun than that! You can also have the Diner come to your event.

Q: What is your favourite type of beverage to pair with a cupcake: Tea – no question about it! The tartness of the tea balances out the sweetness of the cupcake

Q: Much of your company is inspired by the nostalgia of the1950’s.  Describe what you call the Classic 1950’s Cupcake

Yes, it’s all about the 1950’s! To us, the 50’s represents a time of good old fashion service. Goods are made with care and served with a smile.  Our cupcake, 1950’s Classic is themed on the Hostess Cupcake which in the 50’s really put cupcakes on the map.  The 1950’s Classic is a chocolate cupcake, filled with vanilla cream, frosted with chocolate ganache and topped with swirls of white icing. A timeless indulgence!

Classic Chocolate Cupcake from Cupcake Diner

Classic Chocolate Cupcake from Cupcake Diner

Q: What is your favourite combo of cake and icing? This is a tough one – there are so many! If I had to choose one it would be our Caramel Apple Pie Cupcake – this is our vanilla cupcake with slices of baked apple, gently spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, frosted with vanilla buttercream & topped with a light drizzle of caramel. It has all the elements that make for a great cupcake – Delish!

Q: What is the cake/icing combo you just love and wish people would try more? Any cupcake with fresh fruit! Like Mango or Lemon Blueberry. I think people aren’t used to fresh, quality ingredients such as these in cupcakes. I encourage everyone to try them! – Simply decadent.

Q: What is the most unique or “out there” flavour of cupcake? I would have to say our Cannoli Cream Cupcake. You get all the deliciousness of a cannoli in a cupcake – what could be better!

Q: Aside from cupcakes, what would your ultimate “Last meal” consist of (in a less morbid way, what dish always makes your mouth water? lol) Another tough question to ask a “Foodie” like myself! But, I would have to say my all-time fav, whole wheat penne pasta with grilled veggies, tossed in a light olive oil garlic sauce, topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. A mixed greens salad and glass of white chardonnay.  A cup of tea and a cupcake for dessert of course!

*In addition to the curbside service Cupcake Diner caters to social events, corporate events and weddings.  They offer: Cupcake Trees, Cupcake Buffets, Fondant Covered Cakes and the Diner live at your event. Your guests will never forget their pink (yes, PINK!) cupcake truck pulling up and serving gourmet cupcakes! They also offer water, pop and coffee on board, as well as custom cupcake toppers, such as company logos and celebratory signs.

Let The Cupcake Diner sweeten up your next event!

The Perfect Gift! YUMM!

The Perfect Gift! YUMM!

Cupcake Diner will be participating in Food & Drink Fest 2011 in booths #195 & 196

Food & Drink Fest 2011

April 8th, 9th & 10th, 2011

Copps Colsieum

April 8: 5pm-10pm, April 9: 1pm-10pm, April 10: 12noon-5pm


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