Fans of Chuck Hughes will not be disappointed at Food & Drink Fest this weekend!

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Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes will be appearing on stage at this year’s Food & Drink Fest… The Festival with Taste at Copps Coliseum on Sunday at both 1 and 3 pm. Most famous for his hit show on the Food Network “Chuck’s Day Off”, Montreal native Chuck Hughes has become a household name; bringing outright talent, sex appeal and fun back to the kitchen. Most recently, Chuck took down the competition, Bobby Flay, in Kitchen Stadium on the Network’s show “Iron Chef”. At age 34, he is only the second Canadian chef to emerge victorious with a score of 45-41. He is also the first Canadian to beat the illustrious Flay, the youngest Canadian and first Quebec chef to compete on the show.  To fans of Chuck and attendees to this weekend’s Food & Drink Fest this is all good news! Why? Because the secret ingredient with which Chuck brought home the title of Iron Chef is the very same he will prepare on stage Sunday at Food & Drink Fest! LOBSTER! Not only is this a popular staple fare at his Montreal restaurant, but it is also one of Hughes’ personal favorites (he has a big tattoo of the crustacean on his forearm!) So needless to say, those who nab a seat in the cooking demonstration area Sunday at Copps Coliseum will not be disappointed!

Chuck’s Menu is as follows:

  • Beef TarTar  with local cheeses, olives and bread
  • Jerk Lobster
  • Maple Syrup Pie (His Mom’s Recipe!)

Chuck and his honorary at-show sous chef Tracy Winkworth from the Belworth House in Waterford will be showcasing a number of local ingredients in their recipes, with offerings from Jensen Cheese, Sam’s Cheese at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market and Railway City Brewing. Be sure and get your seat, which is FREE with admission to Food & Drink Fest… The Festival with Taste! this weekend, April 8th, 9th and 10th at Copps Coilseum.

Written by Jennifer Odell


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