There’s a new beer on the block….Molson M

While a glass of wine is usually my go-to drink of choice; a girl certainly can’t say no when a bottle or two of beer happens to cross her path at the end of a really long day. I had the pleasure of trying Molson’s newest brand of beer: Molson M. Not only did I enjoy the experience of drinking the cold full-bodied lager; but the story behind the creation of this beer is also quite interesting.  I’ve included some fast facts about  Molson M for your drinking pleasure.

Molson M to be at Food & Drink Fest 2011

Molson M to be at Food & Drink Fest 2011

Molson M, the Worlds only Microcarbonated lager: Microcarbonization is a revolutionary process implemened by Molson Coors at the company’s brewery on Notre-Dame Street in Montreal, a process during which the beer is injected with CO2 through smaller, finer bubbles with a high level of precision and consistency.

“The injection of smaller CO2 bubbles makes it possible to preserve not only the taste of the hops but also the delicate flavours generated by the yeast during fermentation,” explained Karine Brunelle, brewer with Molson Coors. (explanation from

The Awards: So far, I’m not the only one who seems to enjoy it.  The “real” critics gave it two thumbs up when they awarded Molson M with a Gold Medal in the North American Style Premium Lager category at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards

The Molson team has informed me that they will be bringing Molson M to Food & Drink Fest 2011…the Festival with Taste!  You can try it for yourself by visiting them in booths #124 & 125.

Molson M

Molson M



6th Annual Food & Drink Fest 2011

Copps Coliseum

April 8, 9 & 10, 2011



“The SnowBall”

With the chilly weather and holiday season upon us, everyone seems to be looking for a fun, festive way to keep warm.  This morning my co-worker (and friend!) Jenn and I were doing our “Weekend UpDates” and I told her how I indulged with a little kahlua in my Sunday afternoon coffee. Boy did she one up me!   Jennifer and her group of girlfriends came up with a fabulously decadent drink to warm your spirits and satisfy your sweet tooth. Here it is!

The Snow Ball


-2-3 cups of 2% milk

-1 cup of Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

-1/4 cup of Peppermint Liqueur

-Medium carton of whipping cream

-Dash of vanilla

-Pinch of sugar

-Crushed Candy Canes

“The To Do List”

-In a sauce pan, warm your 2% milk over medium heat

-Slowly stir in the Godiva White Chocolate and Peppermint Liqueur

-Keep on a a medium heat for a few more minutes while you stir consistantly and make your whip cream

-For whip cream, pour your cream in a medium sized bowl and add in a splash of vanilla and pinch of sugar) Beat with a blender for 2-3 minutes until frothy and WONDERFUL

-Pour your milk/chocolate mixture into your favourite mugs and top with a generous dollop of whip cream.

-The finishing touch: sprinkle of crushed candy canes over the whipped cream…..and a cozy blanket and a good book!

The Snowball

The Snowball -Picture Courtesy of Jennifer


Recipe courtesy of Jennifer & her friend Heather! Thanks Ladies







Beer & World Cup: The Perfect Pairing

With World Cup just around the corner, it is expected for beer consumption to double, quadruple…basically just go through the roof.  According to The Beer Genie, an extra 21 million pints of beer will be consumed during Englands three group games alone.  Whoa! I’m not even a beer drinker and I’m stocking up!

People I’ve been talking to are selecting their beer of choice in many different ways. Some are choosing based on the teams that are playing.  For instance, sip on a Carling or Fuller’s London Porter when England takes the field, a Bud or a Brooklyn Lager for the good ole US of A.  Crack open a Foster’s for Australia, or cheer for Mexico by chugging back a Dos Equis.

Others don’t have as much of a choose in what beer brand they go with, as their decision is based on what their pub of choice happens to have on tap.

For a third option, why not try some of the local craft brewers to celebrate World Cup! If you happen to be having people over to watch the game or if you stumble upon a pub that carries a great selection of craft beers, give some of the following local beers a try!

Taps Vanilla Wheat – A creamy, full bodied unfiltered wheat with a natural golden haze and hints of Madagascar black bourbon vanilla with underlying notes of banana, clove and citrus

Taps Chuck Noris RoundHouse IPA Prepare to be round-housed in the tastebuds. This is a North American style India Pale Ale. It has an intense North West Pacific-hop character from a ridiculous amount of hops added to the brew-kettle, and then dry-hopped later on during conditioning. Citrusy, floral, and fruity flavours take front stage, while the caramel accented malts give it some balance. Chuck Noris IPA is the reason that Waldo is hiding.

Cameron’s Cream Ale: A North American style cream ale that combines the full flavours of an ale with the drinkability of a lager. Our Cream Ale has a light, malty body with a distinct fruity backbone, and a clean finish that makes this beer truly refreshing. Bronze Medal Winner at The Canadian Brewing Awards 2005

Nickel Brook Beers Maple Porter: dark, ruby porter, brewed with a blend of five malts, toasted barley and infused with pure, dark maple syrup. No additives, no preservatives. Naturally carbonated for a smooth creamy finish. Nickel Brook Maple Porter is a uniquely Canadian interpretation of an ancient classic. 5.5%A.B.V

Iron Spike – Copper: A decidedly rusty copper, pours a thick and frothy cream coloured head.  In the nose, caramel malts meet toasty spices. Notes of chestnut here with a nice fruity component leaning towards plum.

Iron Spike-Dead Elephant Ale: Food Pairings include Burgers, Chilli, Chorizo, Crispy/Spicy Duck, Spicy Indian dishes

  • If you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area, check out Augusta’s Winking Judge, as it stocks about 22 different types of craft beers at any given time.
  • Also check out Ontario Craft Brewers, which is offering a Discovery Pack, showcasing a new selection of great OCB brands, and is also unique in offering them as a four-pack of cans. It’s ideal for a bringing to a friends house to watch a game. Brands that are currently being featured in the Discovery Pack: Wellington Trailhead Lager, Muskoka Hefe-Weissbier, Trafalgar Elora Grand Lager, and Great Lakes Devil’s Pale Ale.



Celebrate with Pearl

Jen from Knox & Co serving up Pearl Pomegranate Vodka Martinis at Food & Drink Fest!

Jen from Knox & Co serving up Pearl Pomegranate Vodka Martinis at Food & Drink Fest!

Last week I was chatting with Jen from Knox & Co. International about the various holiday parties I have hosting duties for, and she graciously sent me some chic cocktail ideas to help ease my party planning stress load.  All drink recipes Jen sent me are based around the Pearl Pomegranate Vodka Mix, which also reduces the cost of buying many different types of alcohol.  I asked for recipes using Pearl because I thought it would be a classy, unique and festive alcohol to use over the holidays, due to its colour, sweet and tangy taste and because there seems to be a pomegranate craze occurring in the culinary world these days.  Hope these recipes help!  I would love to hear feedback on the recipes

The Pearl Flirtini”

1 ½ oz   Pearl Pomegrante Vodka

4 oz       Chilled Champagne (or you can substitute with Sparkling Wine)

Splash of Grenadine

The Pearl Flirtini is served in a champagne flute and anybody I have ever served it to rave about it.

I enjoyed the “Pearl Flirtini” this past weekend for a friend’s birthday. It definitely had the feeling of a “celebration drink” and my friend loved that I made a signature drink just for her birthday.  The celebratory nature of the Flirtini will certainly come in handy over Christmas and to “Cheers” in the New Year. The Flirtini is also very easy to make, which means you will actually be able to enjoy your party instead of getting stuck at the bar all night mixing drinks for others to enjoy. Simply pour Pearl Pomegranate Vodka into champagne flute and add champagne to fill.  Add a splash of grenadine for colour.  Pomegranate seeds make a cute and sassy garnish as well.  I must say when I served the Pearl Flirtini this past weekend, it looked so amazing in the glass that it ended up being a show piece and conversation starter at the party.  Better yet, it tasted even more amazing than it looked!

While I haven’t tried the next two drinks; Jen assured me that they have been a hit with everyone she has served them to.  If Jen says they are delicious, I trust that they are.  She was certainly right about the Pearl Flirtini!


2 oz        Pearl Pomegranate Vodka

1 oz        White Crème de Caçao

1 oz        Fresh Cream

1/2oz     Grenadine

Shake well with ice in a shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry.


2 oz        Pearl Pomegranate Vodka

1 oz        White Crème de Caçao

2 oz        Pomegranate or Cranberry Juice

Squeeze of fresh lime

Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a lime twist or wedge.